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A Hotel Approach to China High-Speed Train Facilities

Indeed, as Alvin Toffler said in his book ‘the world has become a true global village” and it is not only in the field of communication but is also evident in fashion styles, furniture, architecture, technology, and cuisine.

As a tourist in China, it will be a big miss if you fail to experience transportation on their high-speed trains. In China, high-speed trains have one of the best facilities among all the available train categories.

The train provides all the amenities necessary to satisfy your basic needs. The facilities are similar in look and feel to what is obtainable in the west, from the train’s toilet to the dining area. Everything is neat, efficient and top-notch. In the following sections, you will get complete inside information on the kind of facilities available on a typical Chinese high-speed train.

The Dining

One of the basic needs of man is food. It is not surprising that there are dedicated dining carriages where you can purchase prepacked food. There are also a variety of drinks available. Generally, you will find soda, beer, milk, wine, and coffee. In some of these trains though, beer is not allowed so please check beforehand.

As the saying goes, when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you are in business class or first-class passenger, food and drinks are offered for free. Attendants also go about with food trolleys in passenger carriages for efficient delivery.


You will find a water dispenser at the end of each carriage. There are two buttons with button controls for hot and cold water. Disposable cups are also provided. All you have to do is place the cup under the tap and press respective buttons for the supply of the right water temperature blend.

Air Conditioning

As part of the comfort package available in Chinese high-speed trains, air conditioning is available for your convenience. It keeps the air dry and fresh at temperatures that are controlled to keep a passenger comfortable. So you do not worry about getting stressed up from heat and sweat.


The toilets come in either squat type or western type and are located at the end of the carriages.  The western-style toilets provide you with the capacity to sit in a comfortable position. If you enter a toilet that is a squat type but you prefer a seat type, move to the next carriage to check out the other toilet options, most first-class high-speed trains accommodate Western tourists. You can find toilets and washrooms in the same cubicle. They are equipped with handrails, hand wash basins, mirrors, water closets, dustbins, and even sanitary disposal bags.

The entrances and doors are fitted with signals that will notify passengers of the occupied status of the toilets. These signals may be digital or analog but are automatic, so you don’t have to operate anything. It tells you if someone is inside or not by making use of colors, symbols or text.  Some toilets also have room for the specially-abled and nursing mothers and are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs and are also equipped with a baby changing station.

Electric Power Sockets

In the modern age, we can hardly do without our electronic gadgets like phones and laptops. These trains also provide us with personal electrical outlets so we can have continuous means of communication, entertainment and even work on the go. Most tourists will want to be in contact with friends and families on social media, online chat services or video calls.

Therefore, private electric power sources are provided to people so they can always have their gadgets up and running. You will find electric power sockets on the walls of Chinese speed trains which are appropriately allocated to the passengers.

Luggage Racks

Hardly any tourist travels without luggage, so it just makes enough sense that these trains are fitted with luggage racks. They are right above the seats on both sides of the carriage walls. They are, however, limited inside so be careful of what you want to put in there. Regular shopping bags and handbags including briefcases can be stored in the luggage racks, but anything more substantial should be kept in the luggage closet which can be found in the spaces between two carriages.


Access to the internet can be unavailable if you are using a foreign SIM card on your phone, so a public Wi-Fi service is a way to go. Some Chinese high-speed trains have free Wi-Fi services. So you can always keep all your social media accounts updated while traveling on these high-speed trains.

Television Sets

Traveling on a train and sitting down for a long time can be tedious. There are television sets installed in every carriage that will provide you with exciting programs or movies. Passengers can also personalize the volume by utilizing volume controls and the headphone jacks provided on the arm of their chairs. For business class passengers, each person has access to their portable LED TV and radio services. Located at the back of the chair or on the arm of your chair are LED TVs for your convenience.

Waste Disposal

Passengers produce a lot of waste, and they need to dispose of them. Waste is either brought in from outside or remains of used products. They include nylon and paper wraps, tissue papers, food packs, plastics, broken devices, and other similar things. Imagine what would happen if there are no means of disposal. Every carriage has its dustbin located at the very end of the aisle. Every passenger seat includes a disposal bag where you can use to dispose of your trash. Then you can either walk up to the dustbins or wait for cleaners who go around and about collecting them.


Safety facilities have been taken into account in case of fire or any other accident. At the bottom of every window, you will find a hammer that can be used to break it in case of a mishap.  There are also fire alarm buttons that are conspicuously placed in strategic positions inside the carriage. Smoking is not allowed. Not only can it cause discomfort to other passengers, but it can also be a potential cause of an accident. It is forbidden. Failure to abide by this rule may cause some traveling restrictions.

Enjoy your trip to China and when you get the chance, travel using their high-speed trains. It is an experience all by itself.