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53 Chinese-Australian Teenagers Experience Chinese Culture in Hunan

Fifty-three Chinese-Australian teenagers from Xinjinshan Chinese Language & Culture School Inc. in Melbourne for the "root-seeking tour" in Hunan paid a special visit to Tongguan Kiln in Changsha on March 28.

As it was the first time for them to visit Hunan, all youngsters listened to the commentator very carefully at each site and took photos.

A boy named Cai Chunning created a ceramic painting with kangaroo and a map of Australia on one side and Panda and a map of China on the other side, and connected the two countries by four Chinese characters of "Youyi Changcun" (friendship forever) in the middle. "It is not only a tour for root-seeking but also for friendship-establishing. I will take the ceramic painting back to Australia to memorize this activity." said Cai.

These teenagers are scheduled to attend such Chinese culture courses as Chinese dance, martial art and paper-cutting, visit historic and cultural attractions like Tongguan Kiln in Changsha, Yueyang Tower and Shaoshan, and worship the Emperor Yan at Yan's Mausoleum in Zhuzhou.

Translator: Wang Bilian

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal