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34th Peony Festival kicked off in Luoyang

The 34th Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival opened on 1, April in Luoyang, Central China’s Henan Province. The festival will last till 10, May, 2016.

Peony is known as "flower of prosperity and happiness “or "king of the flowers", as well as the national flower of China. Luoyang city has a 1,500-year history of breeding and planting of peony. Since 1982, this grand festival has been held in Luoyang every year.

The festival has many featured activities including peony photography exhibition and peony paintings exhibition. Visitors can enjoy peonies in following places: Shengzhou Peony Park, Wangcheng Park, China National Flowers'Park, Botanical Garden on the Sui and Tang Ruins, National Peony Garden, International Peony Garden, Luoyang Peony Garden, Luoyang National Flower Garden, Tulip Garden, Xiyuan Park, and Peony Park etc.