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2017 Zhangjiajie Huanglong Music Season kicks off

On August 6, 2017, Huanglong music festival kicks off in Huanglong scenic spot hallelujah concert hall. Music lovers from all over the world gather here, in the natural landscape ecological pastoral, playing the violin, singing the music, jointly interpret a high-end music feast.

It is understood that 2017 Huanglong music season includes two sections, international piano music week and international chorus art week. Piano music is based on China, which provides international piano art show opportunities for exchange and stage exchange activities for the piano students, educators, practitioners and enthusiasts. In order to promote the development of choral music, with the form of a chorus, it will let travelers all over the country, and the audience to appreciate the charm of national music.

“Huanglong music season” was born in 2016, which is a music communication platform for the promotion of music art in China, with the great development and the great prosperity. In Zhangjiajie, with “The cave champion of the world,” the reputation of “The best abode of fairies and immortals”, music talent of people around Huanglong scenic spot show their love of music and yearning, with sound, with dance, and with instruments for the best blessing of music.

Translated by Sophia