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2017 China (Hunan) International Tourism Festival Kicks off

Nearly 1,000 visitors, including 300 from 11 foreign countries and regions, gathered at Yangsha Lake International Tourism Resort for the opening ceremony of the 2017 China (Hunan) International Tourism Festival on Sept. 25, 2017.

Series of activities are being launched in Xiangyin County between Sept. 25 and 26. Themed on “Splendid Xiaoxiang, Vast Dongting Lake, and, Charming Xiangyin”, the activities are sponsored by the Hunan Tourism Development Committee (HTDC) and the Yueyang Municipal People’s Government, and organized by the Yueyang Tourism, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Xiangyin County People’s Government , and Shuntian Yangsha Lake International Tourism Resort. 

A Hunan Tourism Promotion and Dinner Party was held that afternoon. The opening ceremony, including water motorboat show and art performances, was staged in Austria-style town wharf at Yangsha Lake International Tourist Resort in the evening. 

A variety of events are arranged during the festival, such as Dongting Lake Tourism Forum, Qingshan Island Tour, Tours to Inspect Hunan Classic Travel Routes, China FHM (Yangsha Lake) International Motorboat Invitational Tournament, Yuezhou Kiln Culture and Art Festival & Celadon Ware Revitalization Seminar, and Yangsha Lake International Golf Invitational Tournament. Waterscape, music, and exotic culture are integrated to provide the audiences with an audio-visual feast. Yueyang folk customs and intangible cultural heritages will be displayed.