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2013 Zhangjiajie Tourism Situation Analysis Research Symposium

On March 2th, 2013 zhangjiajie tourism situation analysis research, studies the corresponding measures of travel agency industry, seeks solutions, solicits opinions from the enterprise to promote the fast development of zhangjiajie tourism.

According to the analysis, from the perspective of tourists’ demand for tourism products and services, the main factors influence the tourism situation are: economic growth, political environment, disposable income, tourism prices, exchange rates, natural climate and so on.

Faced with a variety of factors which affects on the tourism market, the relevant departments and enterprises should consolidate ideological understanding, assess the situation, grasp the opportunities, adhere to the innovative marketing, create new with characteristic of zhangjiajie tourism brand concept and management concept. To take special measures to expand the market, increase the tourists. Insisting on total, stabilizing market, extension of space. Strengthening policy stimulus and regulation, the main channel of marketing, to carry out market development target, ensuring that travel person-time moderate growth.

Translated by Sophia